Acts 18:1-11

YLT(i) 1 And after these things, Paul having departed out of Athens, came to Corinth, 2 and having found a certain Jew, by name Aquilas, of Pontus by birth, lately come from Italy, and Priscilla his wife--because of Claudius having directed all the Jews to depart out of Rome--he came to them, 3 and because of being of the same craft, he did remain with them, and was working, for they were tent-makers as to craft; 4 and he was reasoning in the synagogue every sabbath, persuading both Jews and Greeks. 5 And when both Silas and Timotheus came down from Macedonia, Paul was pressed in the Spirit, testifying fully to the Jews Jesus the Christ; 6 and on their resisting and speaking evil, having shaken his garments, he said unto them, `Your blood is upon your head--I am clean; henceforth to the nations I will go on.' 7 And having departed thence, he went to the house of a certain one, by name Justus, a worshipper of God, whose house was adjoining the synagogue, 8 and Crispus, the ruler of the synagogue did believe in the Lord with all his house, and many of the Corinthians hearing were believing, and they were being baptized. 9 And the Lord said through a vision in the night to Paul, `Be not afraid, but be speaking and thou mayest be not silent; 10 because I am with thee, and no one shall set on thee to do thee evil; because I have much people in this city;' 11 and he continued a year and six months, teaching among them the word of God.